Yu Shan National Park

Yu Shan National Park (玉山) is located in central Taiwan and is known for spectacular scenery and mountain climbing.

Mt. Yu Shan in Taiwan 3,952 meters (12,966 feet) elevation:
Mt Yu Shan in Taiwan

Yu shan range as seen from Shin Kang mountain 新康山
Yu Shan mountain range from Shin Kang mountain in Taiwan

Siouguluan River Hualien Ta
Siouguluan River, Taiwan

For more information, please visit the Yu Shan National Park Web site.

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Yu Shan National Park is one

Yu Shan National Park is one of the famous wildlife park located at Taiwan. the Yushan Range of mountains are the part of Yu Shan National Park. This is the most attractive view.This park is spread over the large area. This indicating the natural richness of that place.