Taipei Key Mall Traveler Hostel (Holo Family House)

A private room at the youth hostel.

The Taipei Traveler Hostel (a.k.a. Holo Family House) is located in the same building as Hostelling International Taipei (HI), just across the street from the Taipei Main Station (subway, trains, busses, etc.).

Although both hostels in this building are little more expensive than some of the other backpackers in Taipei (like the excellent Camels' Oasis Hostel just two MRT stops away), they are good accomodations in a great location in downtown Taipei.

This hostel has extras like free breakfast, free tea and coffee all day, free soap and shampoo.

Our reviewer stayed in a room that had it's own single user bathroom. The bathroom had toilet paper, unlike the Hostelling International hostel in the same building. The dorm rooms were also felt less cramped because there was space in between the bunks.

Here is a picture of the dorm room:

Taipei Key Mall Traveler youth hostel is right across the street from the Taipei Main Station, which includes the metro, train, and bus lines.